MALANI & SONS Shringartali (Post), Guhagar (Tal), Ratnagiri (Dist) 415724
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More About Shringartali

The Shringartali was famous with the name Tali (pools) as it was full of lakes and pools. But this village became more famous when the Maratha Emperor Pradhanpant Shrimant Madhavrao Peshwa of Shaniwarwada, Pune married with Anandibai in 1756, the daughter of Raghu Madhavrao Oak of village Malan, which is on the border of village Tali. After the marriage Anandibai Peshwa frequently visited her father's village with her folk and entourage. Before she visited her father everytime she halted at Tali where dinner, dance and many cultural programs were performed to welcome her and where she make shringars (makeup) before to go at her father home at Malan. As she frequently came to Tali and makes shringars, the word shringar was connected with the village name Tali and then it became "Shringartali".