Malani Family

Late Mr. Abdul Sattar Malani, originally from Gujarat, during the partition of India-Pakistan had to leave his hometown and separated from his family, got settled in Mumbai. With his strong will power and determination to achieve something he placed his first step in a small business, to see it growing an establishing markets in coming years. His work was reliable and so was he. Mr. Abdul Sattar Malani came to Shringartali with his brother Kasam Mohammed Memon (Malani) had started a small business of flour mill with the help and support of spouse Mrs. Kulsumbi Abdul Sattar Malani, in 1950 then, he initiated a new business of grocery. But these businesses really developed when his sons Mr. Nasim A. Sattar Malani and Mr. Sarfaraj A. Sattar Malani joined in business.

Mr. Nasim A. Sattar Malani initiated a turnaround in business through setting up Transport services, a new business entity and then bought in new expansions in Grocery Business. Mr. Sarfaraj A. Sattar Malani was no less in compassion for work and development. He went into dealing of Mangalore Tiles and major confectionaries and later established a everlasting business of Building Materials. Malani Group stands on the base of 3 vertexes of the triangles – Mr. Abdul Sattar Malani, Mr. Nasim A. Sattar Malani and Mr. Sarfaraj A. Sattar Malani. At present they are one of the major dealers in their own field with the businesses growing day-by-day.

Malani Creations is not the only brand name we have in our periphery. We are well established in different areas with healthier brand names to serve you with all possible quality goods and services. Our subsidiaries are:

  • Subhanallah Traders
  • Malani and Sons
  • Malani Trading Co.
  • Kasam Mohammad Memon

Our businesses has spread all over the area and have received praises from its end users. The third generation is adding more to it with new technologies, new thoughts and trends. Mr. Nisar Nasim Malani has taken charge of Hardware, Mr. Nihal Nasim Malani has taken charge of building materials, Mr. Nadim Nasim Malani has taken charge of Grocery and Mr. Shoeb Sarfaraj Malani has taken charge of Cement supply. But it is not over yet, with every upcoming generation we bring in new ideas and developments.

Our Management

Mr.Abdul Sattar MalaniFounder
Mr.Nasim A.Sattar MalaniManaging Director
Mr.Sarfaraj A.Sattar Malani Managing Director
Mr.Nisar Nasim Malani Director
Mr.Nihal Nasim Malani Director
Mr.Nadim Nasim MalaniDirector
Mr.Shoeb Sarfaraj Malani Director